Tours of Ireland’s Ancient East with Canola Tours

Catherine O’Connor established Canola Tours, a small Irish touring business to meet the needs of tourists keen to experience tours of Ireland’s Ancient East. wanted independence from mainline tourism, a more personalised holiday among local Irish people and real Irish experiences with someone in the know, to help organise it with them.
The initial part of what is on offer, is to help personalise and co-create unique home from home all-inclusive tours which are realistic in achievement and get the absolute most from your visit. Canola Tours is located in the heart of the Irish Boyne Valley, in Ireland’s Ancient East and very close to Dublin Airport and City. This is a one stop offer in the Ancient Eastern Region, from here all your needs will be catered for, you can visit the most important and most Ancient sites in The East of Ireland, while returning every day to a real and relaxing homely Irish country setting with home cooked food and evenings to relax.  Avail of authentic local traditional, music and dance, an Irish oral tradition still alive in these parts, without the tourists twists added.

When and Why Canola Tours was started?

Canola Tours started in 2017, encourage by guests, as a result of many enjoyable experiences as an Airbnb host, sharing my love of Irish life and folklore. Visiting many wonderful hidden places and showing guests around my neighbourhood and the beautiful historical counties along the Ancient Eastern Regions of Ireland.

Canola Tours Location

Canola Tours operates from my home, Macetown, Tara, which is situated in the heart of the Boyne Valley, close to the Hill of Tara, the seat of the High Kings of Ireland, Newgrange Megalithic world heritage centre, Glendalough in the heart of the Wicklow Hills and many more beautiful and interesting places. We are just 40 min from Dublin City Centre and 30 min from Dublin Airport which makes it ideal for a first or last stop in and out of Ireland.

Immersion in Local life and Tradition

Today’s tourists want more authentic experiences of the local culture they are visiting and it became clear from feedback over time, sharing the love of local history, storytelling, Irish songs, local traditional music and the fun of Irish set dancing, that this was something visitors and friends enjoyed most.  So this became the inspiration behind the whole package of Canola Tours offer.  Where visitors get to see all the famous sites and then relax and be part of the local relaxation time. Seeing more and Stressing Less, Touring Celtic Ireland.

Historical Sites and Modern Day Fame

With Canola Tours we can guide you through a host of local ancient and amazing Megalithic sites, such as:

  • Newgrange: the 5,000 year old cairn at ‘Newgrange’, (which is older than the pyramids in Egypt or Stonehenge in England), Knowth and Dowth.
  • Kells: The ruins of the Round Tower in Kells where the famous ‘Book of Kells’ was found, (now in Dublin’s famous Trinity College).
  • Trim Castle the first Norman stronghold in Ireland, steeped in history and also the site of the famous ‘Braveheart’ film, starring Mel Gibson.
  • The Hill of Tara: seat of the high kings and after which Tara in ‘Gone with the Wind’ is named.
  • Glendalough:  the beautiful setting nestled in the Wicklow hills with St Kevin’s monastic settlement  and 12th century round tower (one of the best examples remaining today ) and is also the film set for many seasons of the American Series ‘Vikings’.
  • Powerscourt Waterfall: Another beautiful spot featured in Vikings is Powerscourt Waterfall, Wicklow, where Aslaug the future wife of Ragnar is first introduced in the Film.
  • Boyne River: Also featured in the Vikings is the Boyne River when you are watching scenes for the Seine in Paris. The Boyne River where Newgrange is situated, is also very close to where the Famous Battle of the Boyne Site of the 16th century is located. This battle is still celebrated today every 12th of July in Belfast.
  • Slane Castle: Then there is the 18th century Slane Castle only a few miles away, known not only for its lovely castle and restaurant but also for hosting the world’s biggest open air concerts with some of the greats like Bono and U2, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Santana, the Clancy Brothers, Oasis, Metallica and the great Bob Dillon, amongst countless others, (lots of pictures on display in the bar/restaurant).

Ireland is a place where the past meets the present in a wonderfully relaxed way.  Many historical places from ancient times link us to recent times, all of which are now accessible and interesting in beautiful settings in the unspoilt natural rural landscape where visitors can relax and get a real feel for the ancient past.

Along Ireland’s Eastern Ancient East Coast

For those planning a longer stay there is a host of beautiful sites and ancient history to be explored along the Coast.  Places like Glendalough nestled among the picturesque Wicklow Hills.  A 12th century monastery in the middle of the most beautiful natural countryside.  Kilkenny the ancient city with the Butler family castle and grounds, the ancient mile with cobble stone streets and buildings full of history and folklore. There are beaches that could match anything in the Mediterranean in all beauty and nature but sadly not the weather, expect for special days of glorious sunshine, which do actually come and more often these days.

Are the options fixed?

The type of holiday options on offer are developed to meet your needs and interests as a tourist and to get the very best of your holiday time schedule.  Whatever you feel is most important will be considered and every effort will be made to make this the best possible experience for you and your friends/family.

What makes Canola Tours Unique?

This rather unique type of co-created holiday, which is all-inclusive and personalised was developed over time.  Few tour operators offer accommodation and personally guided or planned tours. Also the opportunity to become integrated into the local community.  It is the feedback from guests positive experiences, needs and personal wishes that are the corner stones of Canola Tours holidays.

Most popular aspects of staying here.

The types of experiences people liked most were:

  • Being immersed in the authentic local community.
  • They liked seeing the tourist spots: ancient historical sites, castles, museums and areas of interest in a relaxed stress free and enjoyable manner.
  • They liked having help making a realistic personalised tour which meant stress free and relaxed visits and getting the most of the time spent here.
  • With help to see what was possible to visit within their time frame, they avoided unrealistic expectations and disappointment.
  • People liked visiting the off the tourists- track sites and seeing special, sometimes quite hidden places of interest and hearing the local stories associated with them.
  • They liked hearing local folklore and interpretations along with the official historical information.
  • The really important aspect of the tours was they were stress free. Driving on Irish roads, it made a big difference having help with a plan and route.  Saving time, not getting lost, frustrated and missing out on places.  While at the same time they remained independent.
  • Everyone really enjoyed being included in local events; talking to local people, joining in traditional music sessions if they wanted or just joining in on whatever was happening.
  • They also liked staying in a real Irish home and making real friends.

Why Canola Tours

The name ‘Canola Tours’ was inspired by the Celtic Goddess ‘Canola’.   She was the Goddess of Music, Inspiration and Creativity.  This is a suitable emblem for the aspiration of Canola Tours which supports visitors in having a really inspiring and creative holiday.  Creating your dream holiday with music, relaxation and fun as it’s close companion.  Have a listen to the story above.

Canola Tours was created to package these wishes and put together an option of possibilities to suit the needs and hopes of the individual group of visitors.

As the tours are co-created through Skype or WhatsApp calls we can ensure a trip which is possible within the chosen time frame and budget.  The groups are small units – 6 people max per group – made up of family, friends or people who start as strangers and leave as friends.  All with one common aim:  to relax and experience the famous sites and ancient Ireland culture in a modern rural and welcoming environment.

If you are considering Tours of Ireland’s Ancient East , talk to us today!