Dowth Tours

Dowth Aerial View
Dowth – Raemond Carolan / CC BY-SA (

Dowth tours are one of our most popular tours and can be combined with tours of the other treasures of Ireland’s Ancient East. Dowth is the third of the 3 principal passage tombs or cairns in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Brú na Bóinne complex.  It is another treasure of Ireland’s Ancient East adjacent to Canola Tours. 

Dowth has not yet been independently dated. However, it is presumed to be around the same age as Newgrange and Knowth, between approximately 3200 and 2900 BC.

In 1847, it was partially excavated using dynamite. This caused the roof to collapse and a crater created, which can still be seen today. Extensive excavation was carried out at that time and as the crater was subsequently used as a quarry.  

Some large trees have been removed from the mound over that past few years. It is possible to walk around the site and on top of the mound.  It is also possible to see into the small,  cave-like entrances to the passages. Around the perimeter,  one or two of the kerb stones can be seen. These are  exposed to the elements, which has weathered the artwork.  In July 2018 another Neolithic passage tomb was found near Dowth Hall. This has artwork similar to Dowth and the other Brú na Bóinne sites. This site appears to have been plundered many times over the centuries.

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