Knowth Tours


Knowth passage tomb or cairn, is the second UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of the Boyne Valley Neolithic ancient monuments and the Brú na Bóinne complex. Our Knowth Tours originate at Canola Tours, just 20 km away.  The largest of the passage graves or tombs, Knowth consists of a large mound 12 metres (40 Ft) high and 67 metres (220 ft) in diameter. The kerbstones around the base of this big mound are said to contain the best examples and a third of the total collection of stone age art in Europe.

There are 127 huge Kerbstones in total; 3 missing and four damaged by weather and time. There are also 17 smaller satellite mounds spread over a hectare of lush green grassland. Over 200 decorated stones were found around the site during excavations.
This site was built around the same time as Newgrange 3200 BC, but unlike Newgrange there is a continuous history of settlers and buildings around the site, making this a very interesting companion to Newgrange. Though there is no roof box on this passage cairn, it has two independent passages marking an East West line with two openings lit by the rising and setting sun.