Skryne Hill

While standing on the Hill of Tara looking directly east, the remains of the 15th century church with high tower on Skryne Hill is clearly visible. This is known locally as Skryne tower or the steeple, in the past you could get the key to the tower from Mrs O’Connell in her pub at the top of the hill. However now this is not possible for health and safety reasons. But you can still get a good pint of Guinness from the famous and very popular pub, which was used in the “white Christmas” Guinness Advertisement.

Hill of Tara Outer Wall
Hill of Tara Outer Wall

The views from Skyrne hill are beautiful and far reaching, many photographers come here for the view of this otherwise flat county. There is a direct line between Tara and Skryne Hill (which is higher than Tara) on the far side of the Gabhra Valley, also known as the Tara-Skryne Valley.

Skryne or Skreen is taken from the Irish Scrín Cholm Cille or Colmcille’s Shrine and originally called ‘The Hill of Achill’. In the 12th century Hugh de Lacy, Lord of Meath, granted Skryne to Adam de Feyop and his descendants, who were Barons of Skryne. There is a 16th century tombstone in the surrounding graveyard on the hill, of the Marward Barons of Skeen. Skryne castle was built not far from Skryne hill, but this is a private residence today. There are a number of medieval grave stones on the hill and even a recent family addition with a seat to take in the magnificent view.

Location: Skryne Hill is 3.8 Km from Canola Tours in Macetown.
The village of Skryne is 1.5 Km from the hill and is on the link road between the two national roads in Meath, the N2 and N3.
This is a nice place for relaxing with a view. A good after lunch hike of 50 min from Canola Tours.